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M@tTV, also called matthewwileytomedia, is a You Tube account/channel made by M@thew Wileyto. It has videos of him doing trampoline, going to school, and hanging around with his friends. So far, it has shown a video of comb jellies at the Aquarium of the Pacific (Long Beach, CA), a video of him at Nationals (Competitive Trampoline), which was also at Long Beach, a video of him doing a rudy (skill), two videos of him going to school with friends, and a video of him at the Yankee Candle Shop. There is also a trilogy of Salem, MA videos.


The logo/avatar for his channel.


Before M@tTVEdit

Around the end of 2010, M@thew Wileyto tried to make a website that had music videos to watch. This was called M@tTV, but it wasn't what he really intended to make. After the creation of the website, he made a You Tube account called ComedyDramaActionPro. From there, he made videos, and then shared them on his website, but he was still not pleased with it, so then the website was put to rest, by the middle of 2012. Around that same time, M@t made a new You Tube account, which he proudly called M@tTV, which he now uses.


Unlike his first idea, which was to post up music videos on a website, this new and improved M@tTV shows videos that he purley makes. The videos always show him, and usually depict him doing competitive trampoline, hanging around with friends, and traveling places, such as Long Beach, Yankee Candles, and Salem. They are usually filmed on his Flip, unless the batteries aren't charged. When they aren't charged, he uses either a celphone, or a normal camera.